DCAA Relations

Meet the New DCAA director — NEON Testimony

Here is link to testimony before the House. At the end of the document is a biography of the new DCAA director.

The testimony is interesting. They state they cleared over 11,000 contractor incurred cost proposal “years” in FY 14. This might be more interesting if we knew what the backlog was not matter the method of measurement.

I actually agree that much of the attack on DCAA reference NEON is unfounded and displays a complete ignorance of government cost accounting compliance. From a government contracting perspective, fee exists only to fund unallowable costs such as interest expense and of course Holiday parties. To beat up DCAA for actually following the laws and the regulations is silly.

This is especially true as there is so much better material out there to work with…..

Click to access HHRG-113-SY00-Wstate-BalesA-20141203.pdf


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