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OIG labels 37 DCAA Audits Incompetent

March 8, 2013

OIG labels 37 DCAA Audits Incompetent

Now a 2013 report to follow up on the 2009 report showing the same problems exist at DCAA. Unfortunately, Director Fitzgerald’s response is to declare the emperor fully clothed.
“I’m troubled that the focus of this is on work that was performed between 2006 and 2009, which completely ignores the changes our employees have made in the last three years,” Fitzgerald said. “Not only does the report fail to reflect current operations, it’s an unfair characterization of the significant improvements our workforce has made in audit quality. While the issues raised in the report are important, the time period of analysis doesn’t begin to account for the progress we’ve made.”
Does anyone out there other than DCAA and their beloved leader, believe in the alleged significant improvements? Is it possible that things are actually worse in 2013?
One also may ask why Director Fitzgerald allowed these audits to be published under his leadership? Even if they the work began beforehand, DCAA should believe in the work they publish or not publish.

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