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OIG Criticizes DCAA Audit Quality

March 2, 2013

This is from a recent OIG report outlining the poor quality of DCAA’s auditing efforts. I am afraid we are going to see the Office of Inspector General overturning DCAA’s efforts on a regular basis.

Review Results

DCAA did not comply with Circular A-133 requirements, auditing standards, and DCAA guidance for the FY 2010 single audit. Specifically, the auditors did not adequately plan, perform, and document the audit procedures to support their conclusions on the ten compliance requirements applicable to the R&D cluster (Finding A). We also identified deficiencies in the performance of fraud risk assessment procedures (Finding A) and the completion of the Circular A-133 report (Finding . Therefore, additional audit work is needed before Federal agencies can rely on the audit for assurance that the Institute managed Federal awards in compliance with laws, regulations, and award provisions.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers audit of the financial statements and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards met auditing standards and Circular A-133 requirements.

The Institute generally met Circular A-133 requirements except that the corrective action plan was not submitted with the single audit reporting package when it was initially filed with the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (Finding .

Full Audit Report


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